Respirator Fit Testing

Workers should use respirators for protection from contaminants in the air only if other hazard control methods are not practical or possible under the circumstances.

Respirators should not be the first choice for respiratory protection in workplaces. They should only be used:

● When following the "hierarchy of control" is not possible (e.g., elimination, substitution, engineering or administrative controls).
● While engineering controls are being installed or repaired.
● When emergencies or other temporary situations arise.

Respirator Fit Testing is a course for workers who are required to wear a respirator in the workplace. Participants will be trained on how to select and position face coverings correctly.

Each participant will also have a fit test performed to ensure a proper seal. To ensure proper fit and seal, participants must be clean shaven. It is recommended that a fit test be conducted yearly to ensure proper fit and seal.




    ● Laminated wallet card
    ● Record of training

Course Content

This course includes a short classroom component and fit testing. Participants will receive training on the following topics:

● Regulations
● Selection, use, care and limitations
● Completion of a respirator fit test

*Travel fees may apply.

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