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Surface Miner Common Core Program

This training program is MANDATORY for all workers who are entering or working in an open pit. The program covers the three mandatory common core modules required for anyone working in a surface mine environment.
The modules are:

● (U5030) Work safely in the job environment.
● (U5031) Perform general Lockout and Tagout on Prime Movers and other related
● (U5032) Operate Hand and Power Tools.


● Written test


    ● Laminated wallet card
    ● Wall certificate
    ● Training materials
    ● Documents & submission to the MTCU with follow-up
    ● Record of training

Course Content

This course consists of an in-depth discussion of the above modules followed by a written evaluation. Participants will be evaluated on the following topics:

● Regulations and legislation
● Roles and responsibilities
● Safe procedures
● Hazard identification
● Lockout Tagout
● Safe operation of hand and power tools

*Travel fees may apply.

Hannah Health and Safety Training Consultants is recognized by the Ministry of Training, Colleges & Universities (MTCU).

Questions about the course?

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