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Telehandler Training

Telehandler(Zoom Boom) training is MANDATORY for all those who are required to operate telescopic handling equipment. Participants will receive training on safe operation and maintenance procedures.

Other classifications of lift truck training are also offered.


● Written quiz
● Practical evaluation


    ● Laminated wallet card
    ● Record of training

Course Content

This course includes a practical and a classroom component. Participants will receive training and be evaluated on the following topics:

● Regulations
● Roles and responsibilities
● Pre-operation checklist/Inspection
● Safe operating procedures
● Lift and load limitations
● Stability principles
● Risks and hazards
● Fuel sources

*Travel fees may apply.

Regulation: CSA B335-04 Safety Standard for Lift Trucks/ the Ontario Regulation 851 for Industrial Establishments and the Ontario Regulation 213/91 Construction Projects.

Questions about the course?

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