Here's what some of our wonderful clients have to say.


"Mike is very knowledgeable with real life studies. Great engagement and hands on training.

We highly recommend him."


"Hannah Health and Safety Training is our exclusive trainer for all things safety. Job Site safety was once seen as a barrier to progress. Our staff now see safety as a better way to do business.

Thanks to Hannah Health and Safety Training."


"We appreciated Mike’s detailed instruction that allowed us to apply it to our specific industry.

Thank you Mike!"


"Mike Hannah engages workers and supervisors individually in health and safety, first through formal training, and subsequently by daily interactions. “Whether he’s delivering training or observing, reinforcing, and coaching, he’s always visible."


"We have been working with Hannah Health and Safety Training since 2014. The professionalism and quality of service is outstanding.

Each of our employees leave the meetings knowing just how important it is to be safe in the workplace."


"Absolutely AMAZING company!! Extremely knowledgeable and friendly, a great pleasure to work with.


Mike is the BEST trainer we've worked with."