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Working at Heights Industrial

Working at Heights Industry training is MANDATORY for workers who are working in an industrial environment (non-construction and not covered under the construction regulation 213/91).

The Occupational Health and Safety Act (OHSA) requires that employers provide training for those who are at risk of falling from heights of three meters or more. Participants will receive required knowledge about fall hazards and general safety practices to work safely at heights.


● Written test
● Practical evaluation


    ● Training material
    ● Laminated wallet card
    ● Record of training

Course Content

The following topics will be taught and evaluated:

● Duties and Responsibilities
● Regulations
● Hazards
● Fall protection/ Fall arrest systems
● Ladder safety
● Safe work plans
● Guardrails, bump lines, restraint systems
● Limitations, application, and storage of different fall protection systems
● Calculating fall distances
● How to inspect equipment, don and doff a harness, and maintain 100% tie-off
● Anchors, lifelines, lanyards, harnesses
● Selecting equipment
● Rescue plans

*Travel fees may apply.

OHSA – 25(2)(A), (D) and (H), Section 27 & 28
OHSA – Regulation 851 – Section 85

Questions about the course?

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